Nehemiah 4:40 – AWAKE Campaign

America is adrift and so is Ohio. Because of this, beginning last year, CCV launched an impressive, unprecedented, million-dollar plan called the AWAKE 88 Campaign. We traveled over 14,000 miles to all 88 counties and visited over 5,000 churches to fulfill the campaign’s mission:  Assist Bible believing churches across Ohio to impact their communities with Judeo-Christian moral values.

We are continuing with the next phase of our AWAKE 88 Campaign by hiring two new staff members, Pastor Kent Spann and Charles Tassell.

Pastor Kent Spann

Pastor Kent Spann serves as our Pastor Liaison. His initial responsibility is to locate and commission a Key Pastor in each of the 99 Ohio house districts.

The Key Pastor’s responsibility is twofold. First, to develop relationships with other pastors in their district, learn the needs of their communities and lead efforts to pray and meet those needs. The second responsibility is to develop solid relationships with their district’s Ohio house member and senator by meeting and praying with them on a regular basis.  If you would like more information on being a Key Pastor, please click here.

Charles Tassell Photo
Charles Tassell

Charles Tassell, a skilled political strategist and an experienced lobbyist, serves as Assistant to the President. His primary goal is to locate and commission a Key Contact who serves as CCV’s contact person in each of the 99 Ohio house districts.  For more information on being a Key Contact, please email Charles at

The Key Contact will work with the Key Pastor and other concerned citizens in their district to bring about positive change that fulfills CCV’s mission. The Key Contact will also work to build a solid relationship with their Ohio house member and senator.

CCV’s Key Pastor and Key Contact positions are critical to our success in 2013 and beyond.