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Mission and Vision: Who is CCV?

Mission: Citizens for Community Values (CCV) exists to promote Judeo-Christian moral values, and to reduce destructive behaviors contrary to those values, through education, active community partnership, and individual empowerment at the local, state and national levels.

Who is CCV?

CCV equips concerned, values-driven citizens with the tools they need to effectively exercise their First Amendment, free-speech rights to reverse this destructive trend and to fortify that foundation.
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Vision: CCV is a grassroots organization of citizens who are concerned for the well-being of the community, the strength of its families, and the future of its children. We strive to be a leader in the restoration of those Judeo-Christian moral values upon which this country was founded in hopes of leaving a lasting legacy of citizens endeavoring to foster and maintain healthy, wholesome, safe, and happy communities.

Contributors: The operations of CCV are supported entirely by contributions from a broad base of individuals, families, churches, organizations and businesses that share CCV’s vision. CCV is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Contributions are tax deductible.

The “How” and “Why” of CCV’s Mission

How CCV Strives to Effect Change
CCV is a First Amendment free speech organization. In all of our efforts, we resolve to abide by existing Supreme Court decisions, oppose unauthorized censorship, and defend the rights of free speech and community involvement. We are also diligent in our efforts to encourage and affect legislation that protects family, and oppose legislation that is harmful to those Judeo-Christian moral values upon which this country was founded. In all of our efforts, we resolve to separate issues and legislation from people, acknowledging that we are all created in the image of God. In CCV’s efforts to defend that which is right and good, we will never condone or take part in the mistreatment of any individual who opposes our views.

Why CCV Strives to Effect Change

  • We’re commanded in the Old Testament to follow the 10 Commandments. (Exodus 20:1-17)
  • We are commanded in the New Testament to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Matthew 22:37)
  • We are commanded to love others even as we love ourselves. (Matthew 22:39, 40)
  • We are commanded to expose the deeds of darkness. (Ephesians 5:11)
  • We are commanded to serve one another. (Galatians 5:13)
  • We are commanded to refrain from delighting in evil, but, instead, to protect from evil. (I Corinthians 13:6-7)

History of Community Involvement

CCV has served the Greater Cincinnati area for nearly two decades. The organization was founded in 1983 by Dr. Jerry Kirk, then pastor of College Hill Presbyterian Church, and a group of pastors and lay persons who had been praying for the Greater Cincinnati area for a number of years. These people shared a concern about a serious problem they discovered in their community – the pandering of pornography – and the harmful toll it was taking on the lives of men, women, and children. This concern was soon echoed by hundreds, then thousands, of citizens who united – in voice and action – to address the pornography problem in Greater Cincinnati.

We have helped organize local groups in many cities, counties, and states, and coordinate four pornography task forces committed to monitoring and taking action against pornography outlets, and have coordinated a team of letter writers who present a unified voice on issues of community importance. We also organized, coordinate, and chair four pro-family forums that bring together leaders on a regular basis for strategizing, developing policy and mobilizing the grassroots. They are the Ohio Pro-Family Forum, which has been meeting since 1986 and includes most pro-family groups located in Ohio, the Mid-West Pro-Family Forum, a group of pro-family leaders from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio which meets on an “as needed” basis (last year this forum hosted a training seminar for law enforcement personnel on the issues of obscenity and sexually oriented businesses), and two National Pro-Family Forums – one which focuses on pornography and the other which focuses on homosexuality.

CCV has consistently taken a stand for traditional Judeo-Christian values – values that strengthen the moral character of any community and foster a wholesome environment for family living, and for high community standards.

We recognize that sexually oriented businesses, pornography, obscenity, promiscuity, and sexual abuse threaten the moral fabric of our society. The well being of our communities, the strength of our families, and the hearts, minds, and lives of our children are at risk when traditional values and high community standards are abandoned.

According to U.S. News & World Report, CCV

“…has become one of the largest local grassroots organizations of its type in the nation.”

Because of our consistent local community involvement, Greater Cincinnati, the nation’s 23rd largest metropolitan area, has the seventh lowest crime rate of the thirty-eight metropolitan areas that have 1.5 million or more residents. We firmly believe our low crime rate is directly related to the absence of sexually oriented businesses.

Breaking the Cycle of Victimization

The elimination of pornography and obscenity in much of the public marketplace has begun to break the cycle of sexual exploitation and victimization in our community. Underlying all of CCV’s efforts is a concern for victims, those who suffer from the sexual addictions and dysfunctions of our society.

CCV’s concern for victims focuses on three areas

  1. Children who are sexually exploited and abused for the gratification of adults;
  2. Teenagers who are lured into early and harmful sexual involvement; and
  3. Those who struggle with sexual addictions, and the families that suffer the devastating affects of the addiction.

CCV’s Response to these Concerns

CCV provides referrals to professionals who can conduct training in prevention of child abuse for teachers and youth workers, adult/parent awareness education, and in-class programs for children.

Through networking, CCV provides a strong voice in the community advocating abstinence education for teenagers. Speakers, seminars and workshops, and resource materials are available to organizations and individuals.

CCV provides referral services for those who struggle with sexual addictions, and the victims and families of those with pornog­raphy addictions.

While CCV takes seriously our call to expose the harms of pornography and unhealthy or destructive lifestyles, we also strive to protect and love those individuals who are trapped and deceived by these perilous life choices. In CCV’s efforts to defend that which is right and good, we will never condone or take part in the mistreatment of any individual who opposes our views.

Setting a Standard for the Nation

Background information on sexually oriented businesses in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky had dozens of sexually oriented businesses, including adult bookstores, strip clubs (among them, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club), illegal gambling, prostitution and massage parlors. In response to citizens’ complaints in the early 1970’s, the cleanup began. By 1978 all sexually oriented businesses were gone from Cincinnati. Within a decade Northern Kentucky completed their cleanup.

Current situation in Greater Cincinnati

  • 95% of the 2800 stores that sell magazines in Greater Cincinnati do not sell Playboy-type (“soft-core”) pornography.
  • 95% of the stores that sell or rent videos in Greater Cincinnati do not handle adult (X-rated) videos, with most counties being totally free of hard-core pornography.
  • Neither the city of Cincinnati nor Hamilton County has any peep booths, adult x-rated theaters, massage parlors, or strip bars. Only three stores exist that concentrate in adult material but are not classified as sexually oriented businesses. Fortunately, all are under close scrutiny by law enforcement with charges of pandering obscenity currently in the courts.
  • The 17 counties in Greater Cincinnati has the fewest number of strip bars of any major metropolitan area, currently 5, all of which are outside of Hamilton County in outlying areas.

CCV is recognized nationwide as a pacesetter in the battle for traditional values:

As a result of vigorous citizen involvement and strong law enforcement, Cincinnati is free from much of the pornography and obscenity that plagues other cities and even small towns of America. Our commitment to high community standards, emphasis on enforcement of obscenity laws, and grassroots strength have made CCV a model organization, sought out for advice by citizen groups in cities and counties throughout Ohio and across the nation. In response to these many requests for help, CCV organized, coordinates and chairs the following pro-family forums that bring together leaders on a regular basis for strategizing, developing policy and mobilizing grassroots efforts:

  • National Pro-Family Forum on Pornography – This group includes representatives from most national pro-family organizations and meets every three months, usually in Washington, D.C. The forum has launched several campaigns and projects.
  • National Pro-Family Forum on Homosexuality – This group includes representatives from most of the national pro-family organizations and meets every three months, usually in Washington, D.C. The group’s first organized effort was the National Campaign to Protect Marriage that mobilized national and local pro-family leaders in all 50 states to work together to defend traditional “one man-one woman” marriage. However, their major achievement has been The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and other similar laws that were passed in 36 states since 1996. Another major achievement of this forum was the “Truth in Love” full-page ad and campaign printed in many major newspapers and on TV.

CCV – Impacting America

A noteworthy achievement of CCV was the coordination of the first Impact America Conference on Pornography, Sexually Oriented Businesses, and Material Harmful to Children. The conference features speakers from the nation’s most prominent and effective pro-family organizations. Because of its success, Impact America has become an annual event held in different cities across the nation.

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