ACTION ALERT: Protect Christian Kids in Schools!

Action Alert: Protect Christian Kids in Schools

We’re all aware of the challenges Christian students face in schools today. It’s not a rare occasion for Christian student groups to be denied access to school resources that other students can use.

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This is why Citizens for Community Values is supporting HB 425, The Ohio Student Religious Liberty Act.

This important bill protects the religious freedom of all students. It ensures that student groups are not discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. Furthermore, it prohibits schools for penalizing students for writing papers or completing projects on religious topics.

After passing out of the House, the bill now has hit a roadblock in the state Senate. With only a few days left in the legislative session, this bill may not pass without your help!

Please CLICK HERE to take 5 minutes today to use CCV’s Action Center to send a quick note to your state Senator, asking them to support HB 425!