Ken Blackwell joins CCV Opposing Marijuana (Issue 3)

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Former Ohio Official Criticizes Movement to Legalize Marijuana in the state


Washington, D.C. — The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell, Senior Fellow of Family Research Council, and former Mayor of Cincinnati, Undersecretary, H.U.D., Treasurer for the state of Ohio, Secretary of State of Ohio commented in regards to efforts to legalize marijuana in Ohio:

“Anyone concerned about the health of Ohio families should be alarmed at the prospect of marijuana legalization in Ohio.

“Substance abuse is cited by professionals in the field as one of the major causes of child maltreatment, and marijuana is linked to a substantial number of these cases.

“Responsible parents, however, must be concerned about the impact that easy availability of legal marijuana would have upon their children. Marijuana use among young people has been linked to various forms of delinquent behavior, including attacks upon people and property. It can also serve as a gateway to the use of “harder” drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Yet research has shown that positive messages about marijuana lead to an increase in its use by young people.

“Families in our society already face severe strains from within and without. The easy availability of legal marijuana would be just one more threat.”