Guaranteeing Equal Rights

Guaranteeing Equal Rights: Exposing the Homosexual Agenda

Why are homosexual activists targeting the African-American community trying to persuade them that homosexual behavior is comparable to skin color?

Today, government officials are constantly being pressured by homosexual activists to grant special protection and minority class status to certain people based on their sexual preference. It was during the 1992 presidential campaign that homosexual activists began to exert their political power, culminating with the march on Washington in April 1993. It was here that homosexuals openly demanded special protection under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The campaign to bring sexual orientation to full minority status had begun. Guaranteeing Equal Rights documents the events beginning in 1992 when the citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio recognized that this effort was a violation of everyone’s equal rights and a special assault on those who deserve true minority status.

Cincinnati’s story is one that every American needs to know.

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