November 1, 2007 – Press Release

For Immediate Release: November 1, 2007
Contact:  Phil Burress, President at (513) 733-5775
David Miller, Vice President for Public Policy at (513) 733-5775

Ohio Supreme Court denies sex industry’s 11th hour effort to keep Issue 1 on the ballot

“We will not adopt this absurd result….”

Values group calls on Secretary of State to advise boards to remove Issue 1 from ballot

Columbus, OH – In a decision handed down today, the Ohio Supreme Court denied the request of sex business owners to force the Secretary of State to certify Issue 1, a referendum on Sub. S.B.16, the Community Defense Act (CDA), for Ohio’s November 6 ballot.

That request was made after Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner announced on October 17 that their referendum petition fell 60,000 signatures short of the minimum 241,366 required for a referendum.

Julie Heffelfinger, the treasurer for the political action committee formed by Ohio’s sex industry to drive the referendum effort, petitioned the Supreme Court to override the Secretary of State’s ruling, claiming that signatures invalidated by the county boards of elections should be re-instated due to the alleged failure of the boards to meet the industry’s tortured interpretations of various technicalities of the constitutional process for referendums.

Rejecting one of those alleged technicalities, the high court’s unanimous decision said, “We will not adopt this absurd result, which would authorize election fraud.”  The committee’s request was denied on all points.

To date, pending resolution of the frivolous claims, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner still has not officially notified the county boards of elections to remove the referendum, already designated Issue 1, from their ballots.

Upon hearing of the Supreme Court’s decision, Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values, the family values group that encouraged lawmakers to enact the protective legislation, made this statement:

“In their petition campaign, the sex industry already has made a mockery of the referendum process and our constitution.  The Supreme Court has refused to turn a blind eye to their nonsense. Surely now the Secretary of State will immediately advise all county boards of election to remove Issue 1 from their ballots, and in so doing, put an end to the fraud and the confusion voters could face on November 6.”