The Family Project

The Family Project

We’ve been blessed here at CCV to partner with Focus on the Family to help promote their ground-breaking small group experience:

The Family Project

More Info copyIn combination with their movie Irreplaceable, Focus on the Family created  The Family Project, a 12 session small-group curriculum that will help viewers embrace God’s design even as they grapple with their own brokenness and imperfection. The Family Project helps people dig deep into why family matters, pointing to the ultimate Father and Creator of the family.

If you liked The Truth Project, you will really enjoy The Family Project.

The Family Project will help families understand their personal significance in God’s great plan, equipping them to live with an eternal perspective and model God’s design for family to their peers, their communities, and to the world around them.

Healthy, stable families are one of society’s most precious resources. We need to do everything we can to protect and promote them. The Family Project has a timely message for the church and for the culture at large.”-Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Ministries

As God’s people are transformed by a better understanding of His plan for families, we’ll be better able to show His love for humanity.

Through churches, small home groups and other venues, The Family Project will equip Christians to:

  • Truly understand the significance of God’s great plan for humanity through families
  • Live with purpose and an eternal perspective
  • Model God’s redemptive design for family to their neighbors, peers, coworkers and, ultimately, their culture

When you look at a family, you’re looking at a God-designed picture of the gospel. This has profound implications for the church and for society. The Family Project explores the theology of the family in an informative and accessible manner that lends itself to small-group discussion. I highly recommend it!” -Dr. Russel D. Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

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