Stock Gift Instructions

Thank you for helping to promote Judeo-Christian moral values, and to reduce destructive behaviors contrary to those values, through education, active community partnership, and individual empowerment at the local, state and national levels.  A stock gift is a great way to fully maximize the value of your investment by avoiding capital gains taxes while making a significant gift.

The simplest way to make a stock gift is to contact your broker and electronically transfer the stock from your account to our account at The Wagner Todd Group at Morgan Stanley.

Electronic Transfer

  1. Call Citizens for Community Values at 513-733-5775.
  2. Provide your name, your phone number, the name of the stock you are giving, and the number of shares.  (This ensure your gift will be recorded properly).
  3. Call your broker and ask him/her to transfer your stock electronically to CCV’s Account at The Wagner Todd Group
    at Morgan Stanley.

The Wagner Todd Group at Morgan Stanley
Attn: Mr. William “Chip” Wagner
7755 Montgomery Road, 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Phone: 513-762-5320
CCV’s Account Number: 285-110-707074
CCV’s DTC Number: 0015
CCV’s Tax Exempt#: 31-249265