Mission Statement

To promote Judeo-Christian moral values and to reduce destructive behaviors contrary to those values through education, active community partnering and empowering individuals at the local, state and national levels.

“Education, Partnering and Empowering” –

Those are the operative words in our mission statement. And that’s what CCV does!

Those Judeo-Christian moral values form the foundation upon which this great nation was built. In so many ways today, those values are being attacked, that foundation shattered. And too often, those who cherish those values and that rich heritage sit by silently, feeling alone and helpless.

CCV equips concerned, values-driven citizens with the tools they need to effectively exercise their First Amendment, free-speech rights to reverse this destructive trend and to fortify that foundation.

Although CCV’s staff stands ready to assist communities in any area where Judeo-Christian family values are challenged, there are four specialized areas in which CCV has established nationally recognized expertise.

Four Primary Issues

1.  Chief among those destructive behaviors mentioned in our mission statement are the distribution and consumption of PORNOGRAPHY. It was the devastating toll that pornography consumption was taking on families that gave birth to CCV. And the organization remains dedicated to exposing and eliminating all distribution channels.

2.  Equally detrimental to men, women, children and families — and even more detrimental to communities — are SEXUALLY-ORIENTED BUSINESSES, including strip clubs (alias “adult cabarets” or “gentlemen’s clubs”), “adult” bookstores, video stores, bathhouses, and massage parlors. Through activities ranging from holding Town Hall meetings for the purpose of organizing public outcry, to assisting local officials in understanding the specialized body of law surrounding the zoning, regulating and licensing of sexually oriented businesses, CCV continues to partner with communities throughout the state to curb the harmful influence of sex businesses.

3.  The most vulnerable targets of the programmed breakdown of Judeo-Christian moral ethics are our children. All PROGRAMS HARMFUL TO CHILDREN are a primary concern of CCV. Access to age-inappropriate materials in public libraries; indecent outdoor advertising; indecent broadcasting — on radio, network TV and cable; school curricula and policies that promote and encourage sexual behaviors that are physically, emotionally or spiritually unhealthy — these are but a few of the many fronts on which our children are being attacked, and on which CCV is fighting in their defense.

4.  The basic building block of our society is the family — a father, mother, and their natural or adopted children. And at the heart of a healthy family is a healthy marriage, the lifelong, monogamous relationship between one man and one woman. CCV works fervently to support programs that uphold MARRIAGE AND FAMILY, and to defeat programs that undermine or distort their true nature and their importance to the continued prosperity of our nation.