Gambling…It’s Worse Than You Thought

Focus on Social Issues: Gambling – Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family served on National Gambling Impact Study Commission, read first-hand reports about what he saw. Articles and resources from Focus can be found by clicking here.

Is Gambling in the Bible?

They Should Know

“Now if someone came along and told me they were going to try to put a casino…where I live, I would probably work very, very hard against it.”
– Frank Fahrenkopf, CEO, American Gaming Association (On YouTube)

“People will spend a tremendous amount of money in casinos, money they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they lose customer dollars to the casinos.”
– Donald Trump, casino owner

“It’s a terrible way to raise money for government. It’s a tax on ignorance. I don’t like the idea of government depending for certain portions of its revenue on hoodwinking citizens.”
– Warren Buffet, internationally recognized investment advisor

“Get it straight, there is no reason on earth for any of you to expect for more than one second that just because there are people here at my casino, they are going to run into your store, or restaurant, or bar.”
– Steve Wynn, casino operator, speaking to Conn. business leaders

“Gambling is the only addiction promoted by government. We shouldn’t be using gimmicks that hurt our people. The reality is if I want to improve my home, I have to sacrifice a little bit. And if I want to improve my state or country, then I’ve got to be willing to sacrifice a little bit.”
– Former U. S. Senator Paul Simon (2003)