Human Trafficking of Ohio Minors

One citizen ended a nightmare for nine victims…
Why Did the Nightmare Ever Begin?
Please read this article and then take action.

One truck driver who noticed two young girls being worked at a truck stop made the 911 call to police and an amazing set of events took place.  The two girls, 15 and 14, were seen going in and out of the trucks and appeared to be distraught and, at times, just simply afraid.  Feeling something was not right, the alert trucker called police, informing them that the two girls “appeared pretty young.”

Not only were the two Ohio girls minors, but they also turned out to be kidnap victims of human trafficking.  The two minors were saved and returned to their families, but the story did not end there.  Because of this one phone call from this one truck driver, seven other minors were saved, leading to the conviction of thirty one human trafficking offenders and led to the shutting down of a thirteen-state prostitution ring.

One phone call from one trucker . . . 9 lives saved . . . 31 offenders convicted . . . 13 state ring shut down . . . from one phone call. (Story from Ask the Trucker. Click here to watch a video about this story.)


The Issue

Toledo, Ohio, ranks fourth in the country for sex trafficking. Three years ago, when CCV learned about this, we teamed with the Salvation Army and our attorney to draft a law that cracks down on human trafficking (Click here to read the law). The legislature ignored us and passed a watered-down law that required a study . After more than a year, the study came back stating the obvious: Ohio has a serious problem with human trafficking. (Click here to read the study)

The Effect

The girls and women trapped in strip bars, massage parlors and the sex industry are still being victimized.

Take Action

Click here to send a message to Ohio Attorney General Cordray and your Ohio state senator and house member, asking them to take action and hold this “industry” accountable.