Will Decency Prevail?

The issue of broadcast indecency went to the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The Parents Television Council told OneNewsNow:

“This case will determine whether the indecency statute will be reduced to a polite fiction that can be ignored at the expense of American children and families…”

“…Simply put, the court is most likely going to rule on the constitutionality of continued federal broadcast decency rules… So, put another way, the court is going to determine whether or not broadcast television at the times of day when children are most likely to be watching can still be free of legal indecency…”   Read more here.

During the argument of FCC vs. Fox TV, the Justices appeared to favor the existing rules, though it will likely be several months before they give their decision.

Don’t forget that the responsibility for clean programs in your home begins with you and the single click of the remote control!