LodgeNet Movie Titles

Actual screen-shots of LodgeNet™ pay per view movies currently/previously available under “Adult Desires” in some hotels:

Adult Desires Menu – Screen 1 of 3
Adult Desires Menu – Screen 2 of 3
Adult Desires Menu – Screen 3 of 3
Ultimate Threesomes
Debbie Does Dallas Again
My Horny Neighbors
100% Silvia Saint
Young Girl Fantasies

Real Lesbian Sex
Black Inside Me
You Can Screw My Husband
Slutty Older Women

Homegrown Home Videos

Built For Comfort




Various categories of “Adult” movies are available, including All New Releases, Super Stars, Pornocopia, Real Amateurs, Quick N’ Nasty, Xtreme, and Exotic.

Under the category Pornocopia a Private Investigator selected the movie titled, Gang Bang Delight.” Click here for a description of the movie.

Under the category Quick N’ Nasty a Private Investigator selected the movie titled, Little Women Big Men. Click here for a description of the movie.

Under the category All New Releases a Private Investigator selected the movie titled, Prime Cups. Click here for a description of the movie.



Listed below are actual titles of pay-per-view movies that LodgeNet currently or previously provided in some hotels: 



  • Prime CutsMassive gorgeous tits and ass attached to the sexiest nymphs around. Oral, anal and more! They’re primed and ready for sex.
  • Homegrown Video: Winner of 2007 Best Amateur Series Award.  Real homemade video with lots of voyeuristic sex that is incredibly arousing.
  • MILF Maids: Plunging neckline gives you a peek. Tight skirts tells you she’s still a hottie.  Suburbia sex was never like this.  Horny moms show that once the kids are off to school mommie gets off too.
  • All My Horny Neighbors: What a lucky stiff I am.  Every one of my sexy neighbors needs constant servicing.  Sara across the way, Velicity down the street… They all love to get screwed.
  • Pirates of the Bahookey! Anal Fever: Captain Jack’s back and searching for ass.  Jack loves big ass.
  • Slutty Older Women: If your fantasy is screwing an older woman, or if you just like to see women really enjoying sex, this is the video for you.
  • AC/DC Sex: Beyond Bi-sexual, it’s all sexual.  Every scene has a threesome.  Many with two guys and a girl doing it with all their partners.  A mix of gay and hetero sex.
  • Ultimate Threesome: Every scene has one lucky guy on two hot and horny bodies.
  • Redbone Queens (Super Sexed!): Here’s all the 411, hot, light skinned redbone beauties, doing the nasty, three ways, oral, lezzie, you name these redbones do it.
  • Hustler’s Soccer Moms: Only Hustler can bring you real soccer moms who like to get their fill of hot young men.
  • Hustler’s Barely Legal: Hot pure little pinkies get wet and juicy as they learn the tricks of the trade.  3-ways and anal for the best little stripper in the world.
  • Hung: He is so hard and ready… He’s all alone and so are you.  He’s waiting for you.  Press select and enjoy.
  • All Girl Sorority Bang: College sorority girls unite in the wildest and sexiest all girl dildo dipping orgy fest.
  • Secretaries After Hours: Our naughty secretaries stay late, hike up their skirts and get a hard earned raise between their legs.
  • Hustler’s Girls of Thailand: Bootleg babes of Bangkok show you why Bangkok is the place for bangin!  Backdoor oral, you name it.
  • Best Seller!  Blowjobs in Paradise: Tropical islands always hide something special and we struck pink!  All native cast and nymphomaniacs.
  • Another Man’s Wife: These sexy impulsive wives will lie and cheat just to satisfy their craving for the biggest hardest men.
  • Tryst: Hot and nasty is where this porno is at!!  Press select and discover what we mean.
  • Hustler’s Black and Wild 17: On this joint, Live got video virgins fresh off the bus.  Money hungry and looking to get that booty hit.
  • Best Sellers: Cheating Housewives 3: Cheating wives can happen to anyone and our scorching hot MILFs get the loyalty screwed out of them.
  • Hardcore European Supermodels: Supermodel bodies and dark twisted minds.  Euro babes and beautiful sexy and dirty like a wet dream.
  • Best Sellers: Soccermom Liaisons: Sexy horny and home alone these soccermoms find the most unfaithful ways to fill the holes in their lives.
  • Filthy Young Innocent: Their innocence couldn’t grasp our desires so we schooled then in the disciplines of bang, suck and screw.
  • Pump Friction (Extended Play!): Given the assignment to guard the mob boss girl.  Evan can’t help but dip his wick… Pulp it isn’t but PUMP it is!!!
  • Best Sellers:  What Gets You Off?: Explore your fantasy of cheating wives, oiled up young girls and secretaries drenched in milk.
  • Best Sellers:  Dripping Young Slits: Young girls as far as the eye can see with nothing but dripping, ready slits ready for you.



  •  Watch the Award Winning Sex 2007: It’s the best sex of the year as the Vivid girls show you why they’re number one between the sheets.
  • Man Hunters (Best Picture of the Year): Don’t miss the winner of the best picture of the year as Wicked Pictures presents Jessica Drake in her steamiest role yet.
  • Savanna Ms. Behavin: From hot threesomes to scorching girl oral sex, don’t miss Vivid’s Savanna as she tears it up!  She loves to Ms. Behave…. 
  • Suck it Dry: She gazes at you … those perfect DSL’s… You can’t wait to get it in her mouth.
  • Girls who love girls!: There’s something special about two women loving each other… Jonne Darko presents smoking hot, girl girl love.
  • Hardcore POV (Award Winning!):This is hardcore point of view action at its finest.  Evil angel knows award winning sexy and ready babes ripe for lovin!
  • Booty I Like: Beautiful big booty black ladies love Justin’s long dong.  If you like ladies with junk in da trunk, this is for you!!
  • Island Fever Four: Don’t miss Digital Play Ground’s number one selling show of 2006.  Jessie Jane and her girlfriends show you sex in the tropics like never before.
  • The G Spot: She’s dark sexy and very Italian.  She’s Gianna and she’s the kind of woman that men dream about and women wish they could be.  Press select and see why.
  • Head Case: Head masters are what these luscious ladies are!  100 percent pure blowjobs is what they’re about. 
  • Super Breasted MILFs: Meaty, big and bouncy!  You’ll need two hands to handle these MILF jugs.
  • Debbie Does Dallas Again (DBL. Feat.): It’s the double feature like never before!  Debbie returns to an all new show so press select button now.
  • TareVision: Reign of Tera 2: Tera reigns again and swings into hardcore action in a high roller show burning up the DVD rental charts.
  • Erection Services: Just for you ladies!  Justin runs a male “Escort” service where the women are serviced again and again and again… 
  • Barely Legal: Jungle Fever: It’s her first time w/ taboo sex!  She wants a black man and these hot tighty whiteys get the black pipe.
  • Jenna’s Lost Scenes: Never before seen in this hotel room.  Wicked Pictures presents Jenna Jameson in five smoking scenes lost until now.
  • Gushing Wives: At home but not alone these house wives squirt like waterfalls while their powerful orgasms drench you.
  • Momma Knows Best: It’s MILF like you’ve never seen it before.  Ultimate MILF Lisa Ann is on the prowl when MILF hunters come around.
  • Hush: Jesse’s being naughty again… having sex with all these people…guys and dolls!
  • Asian Butts and Black Nuts: Big and black meets petite and Asian as squeals of pleasure make these babes helpless and quivering.
  • Make Mine MILF: Jack’s got a new obsession, hot mommies.  There’s nothing cuter than these sexy eye candy ladies.
  • Peek:  Diary of a Voyeur: So you want to watch?  Then Press Select for Sophia Santi and get more than just an eyeful.
  • Best Sellers:  Dirty Housewife Sex: Young girls may have innocence but these older women have experience and they prove it time and again.
  • Naturally Stacked: Stacked and packed with real racks not and nasty describes these big busty women and the sex they enjoy!!!
  • Secretaries Takin’ Big Ones: Hungry and horny these secretaries want’em big so they wimper, whine and wince as they take’em extra huge.
  • Puff Puff Give!: Lip to lip and cheek to cheek this hot threeway title shows you how they puff and puff and blow and blow your house down.
  • Hustler’s Little Latina Sex Slave: Sexy little chicas wrap beautiful brown lips and tongue around your member.  She’s yours, dominate her.
  • Porcelain: Jana Cova presents a torrid tale of sex, power and domination in Digital Playground’s newest show just for you.
  • Best Sellers:   Tits and more Tits: It’s a breast-travaganza! Big beautiful breasts bounce and bob across the screen as their owners get pounded below.
  • Best Sellers: Double Slut Sandwich: Two girls and one guy!  One hung stud pressed between two double D delicacies makes for a yummy nooner.
  • Dirty Little Stories: Stories of love sex and pure hardcore action, each taboo unfolds in tale after tale of perverse action.
  • Best Sellers:100% Young Nymphos: Sweet nymphos spread their legs wide and eagerly await getting their cherries drizzled in tasty cream.
  • Hustler’s Britany Rears 3: (no description)
  • Deeper than with Jesse Jane: Robby D presents a sexual smorgasborg of the best of Digital Playground.
  • Stuffin the Sorority: These disobedient sorority sluts get punished the right way, with a hard, fast and furious pounding.
  • Best Sellers: Spank the Secretary: The spice is the sex. Raunchy secretaries get nailed in every way known to man.
  • Hustler’s Porny Monster: It’s a train wreck of talent as the ugliest people ever have the ugliest sex ever!  It’s porny monster!
  • Hustler’s Busty Beauties 20: Big and vivacious these busty broads love taking a ride on the bologne pony.
  • Hustler’s Desperate House Tramps 6: (no description)


  • Hot Chocolate MILF: Jasmine is sexy, sultry, and really really Hot! She is a MILF and a half and ready for action.
  • Gang Bang Delight: Watch this raven raised beauty “manhandle” four sex starved men at once!  She really gets filled up!
  • Four in One: This luscious blonde takes on four men at once and shows you how multi partner gang bang sex is done.
  • Chicks N Salsa!: (no description)
  • School Girl Screw: Young sexy and vivacious barefoot co-ed has all the curves and all the fun after class the old school way.
  • Twins on My Knob: Two sexy and very horny twins want to give you what you need… HEAD!


  • Ten Real: Wife Bangers 4: Real wives, real adultery, nothing feels better than nailing a guy’s wife, in his house, on his bed.
  • Ten Real: College Campus Sluts: We found real college girls at the local college and pushed their experimental sex limits to staggering depths.
  • Ten Real: First Lesbian Experience 4: Every girl has lesbian tendencies and our smooth in-house lesbos bring out the kitty liker in these amateurs.
  • Ten Real: Screw for Dollars: We found the nicest sweetest real girls and forked over the clams to get theirs to open up.
  • Ten Real: Real Orgy Party: Real people in real orgies create the hottest sex party on TV.  Sexy amateurs have the time of their life.
  • Ten Real: Real Couples: These UK couples want to make it big so we talked them into a hardcore bare naked audition.
  • Ten Real: Shane’s Invasion 10: The Shane’s crew crashes another college party and has the sexiest co-ed time of their lives.
  • Ten Real: Porn Star Party: Shane’s World invites amateurs and porn stars to have the hottest real sex orgy party.
  • Ten Real: MILF Seekers 4: Our crew pulls the hottest MILFs off the street and brings them inside for a three-way bang.
  • Security Cam Seven: We planted our cameras and caught the action unknowing amateurs get their freak on oblivious to our recordings.
  • Ten Real: Shane’s Cancun Invasion: The Shane gang heads down to Cancun and finds plenty of eager, willing college students to have sex.
  • Ten Real: Myplace.com: With millions of real babes on the internet these guys get the best ones to indulge in some action.


  • QN: Foot Long Black Meat: Our sexy freaks are wrapped in fishnets horny like the devil and waiting for their foot long.
  • QN: Nest Door Panties: We compiled the sexiest neighborhood sluts and pulled down their soft panties for some hot home alone action.
  • QN:  Oriental Cravings: They may be small but their sexual appetites will drain you of more than just your load.
  • QN: Hot Reality Moments: Spring break, hot tubs and naked fun!  Real scenes, real people and smoking hot action.
  • QN: Your Friend’s MILF Wife: They drop off heir kids, kiss their husband goodbye and ride you ‘til sunset, Danger gets them off.
  • QN: Undressed Oversexed MILFs: MILFs need love too and they get if with every crude and rude act we put them through.
  • QN: Little Women, Big Men: Small sexy women get nailed by the hardest unnatural studs we could find.
  • QN: Secretaries Under The Desk: They’re professionals in the office and wide open in the privacy under your desk, keep it quiet.
  • QN: Busting Bras: While arching their backs and busting their bras, these babes put the biggest, sexiest breasts to work in the industry.
  • QN: Young Naughty and Willing: Nothing could prepare them for action this down right hardcore, not even their pretty young faces and willing attitudes.
  • QN: Hip Hop Black Babes: Every black booty poppin’ babe bumps and grinds her way down each and ever long hard pole.
  • QN: Loose Latin Spitfires: Latin girls are hellions by design and every girl here is sexy, slutty and chock full of attitude.


  • Ten Xtreme: Sponge Vacuums: These little Hoovers love to suck up the man juice as it squirts over their bodies.
  • Ten Xtreme: Her First Black Dong: The warm embraces of white women welcome these extremely long and beefy black men.
  • Ten Xtreme: Office Whores Wet Panties: Office whores are hiding the perfect prize under their pantyhose, just waiting to be ripped off.
  • Ten Xtreme: Black Chick White Stick: When these ebony minxes crave meat they want it white and our studs make’em swallow the whole thing.
  • Ten Xtreme: Young Tahitian Asses: Ah Tahiti, with its warm beaches, balmy weather, and dripping wet women straddling your lap with insatiable lust.
  • Ten Xtreme: Young Sluts: In college her young body needs to experience new things so open her legs up the world.
  • Ten Xtreme: Brazilian Booty: She may wave that delicious Brazilian ass around, but soon you’ll pounce and pin it down.
  • Ten Xtreme: Titty Bang Bang: These big breasted bouncers get jiggles, banged and screwed this way to Sunday.  A titty lover’s delight.
  • Ten Xtreme: Internal Cumming: Screw the protection, it’s time to explode inside and these women are perfectly willing to take it all.
  • Ten Xtreme: Screwing the Boss’s Wife: The boss is on vacation, his luscious wife alone and horny.  Time to earn employee of the year.
  • Ten Xtreme: Slutty Wives: Sexually neglected wives with white-hot asses step out on their husbands for some hardcore satisfaction.
  • Ten Xtreme: Secretary’s Sex Journal: Hidden away in her desk is a journal full of secret sexual desires.  Why not make them cum true?



  • Girls Who Love Girls: There’s something special about two women loving each other…Jonne Darko presents smoking hot girl girl love.
  • Redbone Queens (Super Sexed): Here’s the 411 hot light skinned redbone beauties doing the nasty three ways oral lezzie, you name it, these redbones do it.
  • Booty I Like: Beauty, big bootie black ladies love Justin’s long dong.  If you like ladies with junk n da trunk, this is for you!!
  • Head Case: Headmasters are what these luscious ladies are.  100 pure blowjobs what they’re about!
  • Bang Up: Four men and one hot woman!  Gang bang sex is what this show is all about and what a show it is!
  • White Bubble Butt Babes: Slide it in as bodacious big butt while girls love hard black men!
  • Slam It in a Stranger: Brand new series from Evil Angel features hot, euro checks doing the hot euro thing.  Hot euro sex shot in HD.
  • Insatible Asian Invasion: They moan, they groan, and just when you think they’re done, they want you even more.
  • Big Booty White Girls (new): They’ve got big butts and serious horny disposition.  Magnificent big booty white girls screwing around.
  • Puff Puff Give: Lip to lip and cheek to cheek this hot threesome title shows how they puff, puff and blow your house down.