The Rundown: What to know about the new Supreme Court nominee

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One picture says it all

Rundown 2-1-17 picture

This is a picture of President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch and Justice Antonin Scalia on a fly fishing trip together. The two not only shared hobbies, but also a view of the Constitution.

In short, Gorsuch is just the man to fill Scalia’s shoes.

But in case that doesn’t say it all, here’s some more on Gorsuch’s background:

  • George W. Bush appointed Gorsuch to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006. He was unanimously approved.
  • He ruled in favor of religious freedom and against the Obama Administration in the Hobby Lobby case in 2013.
  • He’s a “textualist” – someone who interprets the Constitution and laws as they were originally understood. This means less law-making from the bench, and more upholding the will of the people.
  • He wrote a book opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide, saying in part “All human beings are intrinsically valuable, and the intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong.”

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