The Rundown: All those things we’re not supposed to talk about

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If Dr. King doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you’re not fully appreciating him.

For Christians, Martin Luther King Day should be like hearing a good sermon on Sunday: you’re grateful for it, but it makes you uncomfortable.

At the heart of Rev. King’s message was a call to the church to shake off its chains of comfort and step into the messy, often awkward, and some times dangerous mission of the church.

In his famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, Rev. King wrote about the moderate whites in the church who were sitting on the sidelines in the battle for racial equality. These individuals preferred “a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.”

While image bearers of the one true God were being lynched for the color of their skin, too many in the church were averting their eyes to this pain, hoping that time alone would heal this wound, letting them off the hook from having to take action.

When I look back at this letter, I’m amazed at how relevant Dr. King’s message is today.

Our culture is constantly devaluing the image bearers of God:

  • Nearly 60 children are aborted every day in Ohio.
  • Upwards of 68% of young men view porn at least once a week, de-humanizing
  • 6 states have legalized physician-assisted suicide, and there is constant pressure to allow it in Ohio.
  • Men and women are sold the lie that their value rests in the sexual prowess and identity.
  • Racial tension persists, still holding us back from fully realizing Dr. King’s dream.

And sadly, amidst all this pain, too often the church is still silent just like then.

I was born after Rev. King’s time, and often wonder whether I would have driven down to Alabama to stand with him during those turbulent times. Yet when I look at the issues we still face today, it’s clear we don’t have to wonder, we can take a stand today.

So that’s my encouragement to you – let’s honor Rev. King today by doing the uncomfortable acts of justice.

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