The Rundown: The Rundown: What just happened in D.C.?

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The abortion industry’s wallet got a lot lighter.

It’s only Wednesday, and it’s already been the best week for life in Washington D.C. in 8 years.

Reinstatement and expansion of the Mexico City Policy
The “Mexico City Policy” actually has very little to do with Mexico City. The name refers to a memorandum President Reagan signed in 1984 at a United Nations Conference in Mexico City that prohibits Non-Governmental Organizations that receive US funds from providing or promoting abortion.

President Clinton rescinded the policy, and President George W. Bush reinstated it before President Obama rescinded it again.

This time when President Trump reinstated the policy, he expanded it in a significant way to include all global assistance health centers.

It’s hard to know exactly how much money will be directed away from the abortion industry, but considering that the US spends upwards of $10 billion in foreign aid and more than $600 million of that on “reproductive health,” there’s no doubt this is a significant move.

House passes bill to permanently prohibit direct taxpayer funding of abortion
Since 1976, Congress has passed the “Hyde Amendment” every year to ensure taxpayers don’t directly pay for abortions. In many ways, until the 2016 election, this was seen as a bipartisan issue – whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, most people can agree that they don’t want their tax dollars paying for abortion.

Yet last year, there was a serious push to no longer pass the Hyde Amendment.

But the good news is, not only is the Hyde Amendment protected but last night, the House of Representatives passed a bill to permanently instate the Hyde Amendment – meaning that they would no longer have to pass the provision every year for each budget.

I’m in DC this week for the March for Life and meetings. Last night, at a reception with Susan B. Anthony List, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan showed up to address the group. “We got every Republican vote!” he said, referring to the passage of the bill. “And picked up three democrats!

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