The Rundown: My talk with two transgender activists

At the least, you can’t say it wasn’t interesting!

Yesterday, All Sides with Ann Fisher on WOSU invited me on to talk about President Trump rescinding President Obama’s guidance on transgender bathroom, locker room, and shower use in public schools.

Also on the show were two transgender activists…so you can imagine we had a pretty wide-ranging conversation.

I walked away with two things on my mind:

#1 – People with gender dysphoria are genuinely hurting. Both of the activists on the program cited a number of stories and stats to make the case of the plight of the transgendered. We can and should acknowledge their very real pain.

But to be clear, this doesn’t change the reality that their “fix” to this problem is dangerous.

#2 – President Obama’s policy on bathroom use impacts more than just transgender students. At one point in the interview, Ann Fisher described the segment as discussing “President Obama’s order impacting transgender students.” But this policy impacts all students – and we are doing a disservice to the vast majority of other children when we forget about their privacy and safety needs.

You can listen to the interview here. (Interview starts around the 17:00 mark)

Prepping for the interview, I read a lot of great stories on this issue. Here’s what I read:

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