The Rundown: We knew this day would come

Not surprised. Just disappointed. So we’re out.

Like most people my age, Disney movies were central to my childhood.

Now that my wife and I have a daughter of our own, Disney movies are something we look forward to sharing with her as she grows.

It’s why the news that Disney has decided to inject a dose of politics into their upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast remake is disappointing and incredibly frustrating. According to the movie’s director Bill Condon, the movie (which debuts this Friday March 17) has an “exclusively gay moment.”

Reports say the moment comes between the main villain of the movie, Gaston, and his sidekick LeFou.

I always figured sooner or later something like this was going to come from Disney. It doesn’t come as a surprise. But now that we’re here, what should we do?

Perhaps one of the most important voices for Christians on the culture today is John Stonestreet, who runs the Chuck Colson Center. John also has daughters and has decided that he will take his daughters to see the movie:

“We’re doing to watch the movie, but instead of hoping my daughters miss the moment, we’re going to point it out to them and then have a conversation. After all, we’ll be confronting real-life moments soon enough just walking down the street right here in Colorado Springs. We might as well be ready.”

 I appreciate John’s humble and realistic view to the issue.

Yet my family is going to take a different approach. We’re not going to see the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions that we’re going to be able to shelter our daughter from a hyper-sexualized culture – it’s the world we live in. John is right that the best strategy for Christian families in this culture is conversation with each other. And I also want to make clear that we’re not sitting this movie out merely because it is positively portraying a sinful relationship. If we really want to nit-pick, I’m sure we could find that in every movie.

Rather, we’re sitting this movie out because Disney has made a proclamation that they are using it to target our kids with a political agenda. That’s not for us, and we’re not going to reward them with our money.