Science-Fiction or Bad Science?

There are many good and useful advancements that have been made in our society through the means of scientific experimentation and exploration.  Things that make our lives easier, things that improve or maintain our health and well-being, and even things that we might only have believed could exist on a television program or in a well-imagined work of science fiction.

However, there are some areas in which science is seeking to bring to reality some of the more nightmarish imaginings of science fiction:  moving cloning from animals to humans, and pushing the boundaries of biological experimentation to bring to existence animal-human hybrids.  Yes, you read that correctly:  mixing human and animal DNA in order to create an “experimental” entity.  This is not science fiction anymore; it is the new “holy grail” of a number of scientists.

These scientists should stop looking for their grail in Ohio.  On March 18, Senator Steve Buehrer of Delta introduced Senate Bill 243, which would ban human cloning, the creation, transportation or receipt of an animal-human hybrid, or transfer of non-human embryos into human wombs or transfer of human embryos into non-human wombs.  Violations of the law if enacted would result in five years imprisonment and a fine of at least $1 million or two times the amount of payment the violator received for the action if the amount received was more than $1 million.

The bill was given its first hearing before the Senate Health, Human Services and Aging Committee, chaired by Senator Kevin Coughlin, on Tuesday, May 11th.  CCV applauds Senator Buehrer and his seven cosponsors (including Senators Coughlin and Shannon Jones who are members of the committee with Senator Buehrer) for being proactive to halt this atrocity.  The bill will need to receive the votes of five of the members of this nine-member committee to gain passage to the Senate floor.

Please call or e-mail your member of the Ohio Senate today to register your support for this legislation’s passage during this session of the General Assembly.  Click here to email your Ohio Senator.   You can find the contact information for the members of the committee below.

Ohio Senate Committee on Health, Human Services and Aging

Kevin Coughlin, Chairman (614) 466-4823
Karen Gillmor, Vice Chair (614) 466-8049
Steven Buehrer (614) 466-8150
David Goodman (614) 466-8064
Shannon Jones (614) 466-9737
Jimmy Stewart (614) 466-8076
Sue Morano, Ranking Member (614) 644-7613
Ray Miller (614) 466-5131
Shirley Smith (614) 466-4857