The LodgeNet™ Leadership Team

Who is LodgeNet™?

LodgeNet™ Entertainment Corporation claims to be the leading provider of media and connectivity services designed to meet the unique needs of hospitality, healthcare and other visitor and guest-based businesses. On the hotel side:

  • Serving 1.8 million hotel rooms representing 9,300 hotel properties worldwide
  • Providing more than 175,000 hotel rooms with broadband solutions
  • Headquarters in Sioux Falls, SD; divisional offices in Denver , CO and Atlanta, GA
  • 1,500 employees

LodgeNet™ Entertainment Board of Directors and Senior Executive Officers

  • Scott C. Petersen, President and CEO; Chairman, Board of Directors
  • David M. Bankers, Senior Vice President, Product & Technology Development
  • James G. Naro, Senior Vice President, General Counsel
  • Steven Pofahl, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
  • Gary H. Ritondaro, Senior Vice President, Finance, Information & Administration
  • Scott E. Young, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • R. Douglas Bradbury, Board of Directors
  • R. F. Levendecker, Board of Directors
  • Vikki I. Pachera, Board of Directors
  • Scott H. Shlecter, Board of Directors

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