CCV to Toledo City Council: Don’t Stifle Free Speech

Monday, July 11, 2017

CCV to Toledo City Council: Don’t Stifle Free Speech
CCV sends letter to Toledo City Council urging them to protect free speech and avoid costly legal challenges

TOLEDO – As the Toledo City Council considers enacting an unconstitutional restriction on free speech, an Ohio advocacy organization is urging them to step back from the legal ledge.

Citizens for Community Values sent a letter to the Council today informing them that the proposed “buffer zone” ordinance around Toledo’s abortion clinic is a direct violation of the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions.

“While this may be a new ordinance for the City of Toledo, for decades, other cities have considered similar ordinances,” the letter from CCV Legal Counsel and Director of Policy Josh Brown says. “Typically if Councils decide to enact an ordinance like this, theses stories end the same way: the ordinance is legally challenged, and the courts reject these unconstitutional laws resulting in an expensive legal bill that the taxpayers must pick up.”

The ordinance under consideration would construct a 20-foot buffer zone around the abortion clinic. As the letter from CCV explains, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled unanimously against buffer zone laws in Massachusetts.

The letter goes on to explain that the ordinance cannot stand legal scrutiny because it is overly vague.

“We are not distracted by the pretense of public safety, as there are many laws on the books that prevent anyone from placing others in reasonable fear of physical harm. The proposal is purposely ambiguous and vague, so that in enforcement, it can be used to stifle speech,” Brown wrote.

Go here to read the full letter:

For questions or further comments, contact CCV, or 513.733.5775.

Citizens for Community Values works to create an Ohio where God’s blessings of life, family, and religious freedom are treasured, respected, and protected.


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