Truth About LodgeNet

The Truth about LodgeNet

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This site has been developed to expose LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation. LodgeNet distributes hard-core, pornographic material to many of their clients as part of their in-room pay-per-view services. Many of these videos are believed to be prosecutable under state and federal laws that prohibit the distribution of obscenity. Click here to view the harms that pornography poses to individuals and society as a whole.  

After filing for bankruptcy in December 2012, LodgeNet now operates under SONIFI Solutions.

SONIFI Solutions is an interactive content and connectivity solutions provider. The company serves approximately 1.3 million hotel rooms worldwide in addition to healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Porn is in Your Community

The majority of the movies located under LodgeNet’s “Adult Collections” could only be purchased in a legally defined “Sexually Oriented Business.” Sexually Oriented Businesses are defined as businesses that: “as one of its principal business purposes” or its “primary purpose” is, or has, “a substantial or significant portion” of its business stock in trade or activities relating to “specified anatomical areas” or specified sexual activities.”

Due to the documented negative effects linked to such businesses, many communities have already taken steps by establishing specific ordinances that limit where sexually oriented businesses can operate. LodgeNet™ defies such protective measures by sending their hard core pornographic movies into any lodging facility that wishes to distribute them – regardless of where they are located.

Pornographic vs. Obscene

LodgeNet™’s distribution of pornographic movies goes well beyond defiance of these local measures. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued guidelines to determine when pornographic materials meet the definition of “obscenity.” Federally, Congress has prohibited the interstate transportation of obscenity.

We believe that many of the graphic pornographic movies distributed by LodgeNet™ through their in-room, pay-per-view services are prosecutable under both state and federal laws that prohibit the distribution of obscenity.

Hard to believe? A simple glance at the titles in LodgeNet™’s “Adult Collections” will convince you!

Our challenge to LodgeNet™

Hardcore, pornographic materials have documented negative effects on men, women, children and families as a whole. In order to protect everyone, we encourage the Board of Directors of LodgeNet™ to cease offering such movies through their in-room pay-per-view service.

If LodgeNet™ is unwilling to make this responsible decision immediately, we encourage the U.S. Attorney General to investigate the movies distributed by LodgeNet™. If they determine them to be prosecutable, we ask them to proceed and take appropriate legal action.  

LodgeNet™’s willingness to profit from the distribution of degrading, hard core pornographic movies is irresponsible, and possibly criminal.

Warning: Some of the supporting documents presented as evidence in the pages of this site are not appropriate for children, particularly the movie titles and screen shots, all of which are easily available free of charge to anyone in a hotel room with as few as 3 or 4 clicks of a remote control.