Which Of Your Friends Are Registered to Vote?

The deadline to register to vote in the May 6th primary election is Monday, April 7th. 

We have several excellent NEW tools for you to use to make sure all of your family and friends are registered to vote in the May 6th primary.

1. Use the Awake 88 Voter Lookup tool to make sure you, your family, and your conservative friends are registered to vote.
2. After you find out whether they are registered to vote, click the appropriate button to send them the form to register or encourage them to make sure to vote.

1. Click on the “Register One” button/graphic on the right hand side of this page and allow the CCV Awake 88 app access to Facebook.
2. Click the pledge to immediately share a post on your wall that you are going to vote on May 6th for principled candidates.
3. With just one click, send Facebook messages to all of your conservative friends encouraging them to vote on May 6th.

Please spread these tools around to your family, friends, and church! Share via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.