From the Playground to The Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court heard an incredibly important case yesterday that will decide whether the government has the right to discriminate against religious organizations.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom are representing a church that runs a preschool and daycare center, which was excluded from a Missouri program that provides grants to purchase rubberized surface material (made of recycled tires) for children’s playgrounds. Although the state highly ranked the center as qualified for the program, it denied the center’s application solely because a church runs the daycare.

These are the cases that impact our ability to freely live out our faith for generations. Check out this (well done) video from ADF to see more about why this case matters.

And then be sure to join us in Columbus on April 27 and Cincinnati on April 28 to hear from ADF CEO Michael Farris! Space is running out – don’t wait to reserve your spot!



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