Sunday night made clear: Candidate’s for governor can’t ignore the church

In front of a packed house Sunday night at Genoa Church, four of the gubernatorial candidates sat down with Frank Luntz to talk about their vision for the state.

The candidates faced questions they won’t get anywhere else – and Frank did a great job of getting them off their talking points.

If you missed the evening, click here to watch or listen to the gubernatorial candidates.

What I was most excited about coming out of the event was that one thing was made clear to the candidates and the media: evangelical voters will have a say in this election, and it’s up to the candidates to prove that they will hear and listen to our voice.

Time will tell which of these candidates is going to do the most to support religious freedom, protect life, build up families, and fight the opioid crisis. But if they hope to be the next governor, it’s up to them to cast a clear and convincing vision in support of strong communities.

If you missed the event we’ll be doing this again in the future…

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Sunday night (these were all iPhone photos – we’ll have the good ones up on Facebook later this week from our photographer!)


The Rundown is a weekly update from CCV President Aaron Baer

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