Let’s avoid these three things

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions – not because I find anything wrong with resolving to be a better person, but because I typically fail at them (somewhere deep inside my closet are running shoes I still haven’t broken in from many years ago…)

Like my dream of running every morning, plenty of New Year’s resolutions seem unattainable.

But 2018 is going to be an important year for Ohio and the nation, and I think it’s appropriate for us to set some personal goals. To take it easy on us though, here are three things we can resolve NOT to do this year.

All talk, no action
When I lived in Arizona, I worked for Texan Cathi Herrod. I heard Cathi use the saying once “All hat, and no cattle.” Or in other words, someone was all show, but no action.

In the age of social media, 24-hour news networks, and endless podcasts, we have plenty of commentaries. Yet so few people are willing to roll their sleeves up to actually do something to make a difference.

Resolve to get involved – volunteer with CCV, email your lawmakers when important legislation comes up, show up at a rally, or even run for office!

Be Thin Skinned
We have a crisis of victims in America – and while your mind may go to “snowflakes” on college campuses, or people on the political left, I see this crisis on all sides of the political spectrum.

It seems there is a race for someone to say “I’m offended!” or “I deserve an apology!” – two phrases I don’t ever remember seeing Christ or the Apostles utter.

We live in a culture that is fundamentally hostile to the Christian faith – our daily walk is shrouded in things that are contrary to God’s word and design. Let’s not be surprised! Not only is being thinned skin anti-biblical, it’s also ineffective in persuading people into being on your side.

Get Distracted
I understand it – Washington D.C. today is like one really bad reality TV show, that’s so terrible, you can’t look away.

Every day there’s another story of how a Senator “slammed” another Senator in a press conference, or how one Congressman “blasted” another in a tweet.

But this is all a distraction. So little of this political drama actually impacts our day-to-day lives.

Yet every day, school boards, city councils, and the General Assembly are passing ordinances, laws, and regulations to impact you, your family, your business, and your church. This is where the real battle is, and if we can divert a little of our attention away from the Washington D.C. cage match, we can do a lot to make our state a better place for families.

The Rundown is a weekly update from CCV President Aaron Baer

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