One signature may cost thousands of unborn lives.

A few weeks ago, we got fantastic news.

The Ohio State Supreme Court ruled that, yes, abortion clinics do need to operate according to basic health and safety standards.

The Court was hearing the case because the General Assembly had passed a law a few years earlier to ensure that abortion clinics had “transfer agreements” with local hospitals.

These transfer agreements are essential to ensure that if there is an emergency, that patients can have a seamless transition of care from a clinic into a hospital. Common sense, right? You don’t even have to be pro-life to see this as just a general good practice.

However, the abortion industry disagrees. They didn’t think they should have to have transfer agreements, because for them, it’s all about profits, not about providing good quality care.

The abortion industry also knew that this would likely cause some of their clinics to close, because many hospitals won’t want to enter an agreement with these dangerous and deadly facilities.

That’s what happened in Toledo. Capital Care – the abortion clinic there – was unable to find a hospital with which they could sign an agreement.

When the Supreme Court’s decision came out upholding the law that all abortion clinics must have these transfer agreements, it looked for a moment like the clinic was going to have to close.

However at the 11th hour, ProMedica, a Northwest Ohio hospital, came in to sign a transfer agreement.

With that signature, thousands of unborn children lost their lives, and countless women were sentence to untold harm.

There is still time though for ProMedica to back out of this terrible decision – and you can help make that happen!

Click HERE to sign the petition to ProMedica, calling on them to do what hospitals do best – PROTECT LIFE – not destroy it.

The Rundown is a weekly update from CCV President Aaron Baer.

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