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March 16, 2018

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Citizens for Community Values sends letter to City of Findlay in response to cease and desist letter demanding city take down mural citing bible verse

FINDLAY— Citizens for Community Values’ (CCV) Legal Counsel Josh Brown sent a letter to the City of Findlay affirming the city’s right to maintain a mural of a of an eagle soaring over a shoreline and a Bible verse on it that says “Under his wings shall you find refuge.” CCV’s letter is in response to a cease and desist letter the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), sent to the city demanding they take the mural down.

CCV’s letter highlights the dishonesty of the FFRF’s misleading claims, and defends the rights of the Findlay to maintain the mural.

“Freedom From Religion Foundation’s letter is nothing more than cheap bully tactics, and has no basis in Constitutional law. Biblical references are scattered throughout monuments and public spaces from Findlay, to Columbus, to Washington D.C. Try as they might, FFRF cannot whitewash faith in America,” said Aaron Baer, President of CCV.

The CCV letter also goes through the full legal analysis regarding displays of religious items. The letter cites an U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding the display of the Ohio state motto “With God All Things Are Possible” at the Ohio Statehouse, which is also an inspirational Bible quote.

The letter goes on to say, “This mural is clearly inspirationally analogizing the way God provides refuge to the way the United States aspires to provide refuge. This type of analogy in government displays is common . . . As the 6th District said, the fact that a member of a ferociously anti-religious organization felt irritated by the mural is a matter for the ballot box, not the courts.”

You can read CCV’s letter online here:

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As Ohio’s Family Policy Council, Citizens for Community Values seeks the good of our neighbors throughout Ohio by advocating for public policy that reflects the truth of the Gospel. We endeavor to create an Ohio where God’s blessings of life, family, and religious freedom are treasured, respected, and protected.


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