Just a short Rundown for you today – With two banquets coming up, madness at the Statehouse, and a primary election in less than a month, this has been an incredibly hectic season around Citizens for Community Values.

But in the chaos, God has blessed this ministry… and we’re, dare I say, #winning.

The narrative in much of the media today is that the Christian movement is on the decline in America – that the once influential voice of Christ-followers in public policy is waning.

But that’s simply not true. We’re seeing growth and success. It’s amazing the good we can do when we stand together.

Just this week, I testified before the Reynoldsburg City Council. The Council was considering a SOGI law – a law that would allow biological men in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate facilities. It would also force Christian business owners to communicate messages and celebrate religious ceremonies that violate their conscience.

Common sense prevailed, and the council rejected the ordinance. Churches and people of faith came together to send a clear message that Reynoldsburg is a tolerant town, and a new onerous regulation is not needed.

I hope this is an encouragement to you today – because of the faithful support of people like you, our movement is growing, and we’re making a real positive difference in Ohio.


The Rundown is a weekly update from CCV President Aaron Baer.

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