“We are a people of bold faith. The feeding of the 5,000 is a monumental story for us.”

Since 2013, Pack Shack has helped over 180,000 volunteers prepare more than 36 million meals across 40 states.




When COVID-19 hit, Ohio was next. CEO & Founder Bret Raymond wanted to help feed populations struggling with poverty.

The Ohio Department of Health had just released directives to limit the spread of coronavirus—including social distancing, sanitation, and public gathering restrictions. But how would Pack Shack bring their large-scale operations home to the Heartland?

Instead of giving up, Pack Shack adapted their national model to fit the needs of our state.

In response to statewide hunger, Ohio families stepped up to the plate.

“This is a time for the Kingdom of God to step up in faith and say, ‘Our God can do this through His people.’ Come on, brothers and sisters—we got this!”

From 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, small groups of 6-8 family members suited up in hairnets and gloves. Each group packed meals for 45 minutes. Then the area was sanitized and prepped for the next group to come in.

By the end of five hours, Ohio families had packed 7200 meals.

Finding solutions to problems in a statewide pandemic doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Big changes can happen when family units work together a little at a time.

Fill with courage to encourage.”

What You Can Do

Pack Shack is preparing to launch their Ohio “Be Neighborly” program in a matter of days.

Here’s how Pack Shack Regional Manager Chase Perkins says you can start making a difference today:

  1. Venues like churches can provide a room for volunteers. This way sanitation and meal prep procedures can be properly controlled in a closed off space.
  2. Houses of worship can become storehouses—make your church a community pickup point. Sometimes charitable companies are just looking for a storage space and access point to needy populations.
  3. Churches, small businesses, and other organizations may partner together for crowdfunding over social media. These funds can purchase large quantities of non-perishables while small businesses get free advertising. Win-win!
  4. Feed the Funnel: Even if you can’t pack or drop off meals, you can still give! By donating 25 cents for every meal prepared, you can help fund the Pack Shack process.

“This is who God created us to be: like Christ, we enter into one another’s suffering.”

Learn more about The Pack Shack here:

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