“I cared for you in the wilderness.” Hosea 13:5

The desert is appointed and anointed
It was created and designed for our good
It’s where God whispers into the silence of our souls
The desert is an invitation to sit with Jesus
It’s communion, it’s bread, it’s wine
It is freedom from agendas
Don’t curse the desert of your broken dreams
Allow waiting and wanting to be fertile soil
For launching of future fulfilled dreams
We are not what we do
We are not where we tarry for a season
Our value doesn’t lie in what we may lose
Our value lies in the One who loves us
We are Whose, and who, we are
We are a symphony God has written for the world
Our time of want creates the notes He plays for others to hear
We leave the desert to walk in purpose
We depart the desert to share with others
The measure of what we received from the Lord our God

“They did not thirst when He led them through the desert, He made the water flow out of the rock for them.” – Isaiah 48:21

Harvey Hook is a co-founder and CEO at Convene Columbus and an H2Leadership Advocate for the common good.
He is also a natural consensus-builder, with a capacity to convene best-in-practice leaders, communicate strategic objectives, and maximize resources to achieve stated outcomes.


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