As he watched the COVID-19 outbreak leave a trail of cancelled fundraisers and dwindling funds, Kemp Boyd became consumed with financial concerns for his organization and its employees…

As the new Executive Director of Love Akron, he was unsure how the organization could survive as community members and potential donors were losing their jobs, tightening budgets, and facing futures filled with uncertainty.

That’s when he found the Lord shifting his focus from nouns like funds to verbs like love and serve.

And so about three weeks ago, Love Akron launched the Noun to Verb Movement Campaign out of the realization that love is best expressed as a movement more than an organization.

“In times of crisis, we often get caught up in working internally and focusing on ourselves instead of focusing on the needs of others.”

As Love Akron began to pour out, donations began to pour in.

For 25 years, Love Akron has been a connector to unite organizations to those community members in need, as well as increasing collaboration between organizations to maximize resources and eliminate overlap.

In the wake of the coronavirus, any located in Greater Akron and suburban areas wanted to find out how to help those struggling in inner city Akron, but were unsure how to help. Where helping hands had questions, Love Akron had answers. See the story here.

In this time of need, Love Akron began to increase engagement with technology, intensify their prayer life, and tap into the power of overlooked essential workers.

“This is the most important conversation of the day—Prayer.

We need time with God to listen and learn.”

The Noun to Verb Movement campaign included providing a Pastor Help Line for ministry leaders facing questions or crisis. Additionally, they began providing resources like free use of their zoom account for faith leaders to host meetings, studies, or services.

“Pastors are essential workers because their church and community members will always seek them out for guidance.”

When Pastors needed help making the transition to online streaming and tithing, Love Akron hosted a webinar with their Content Specialist, Ben Beaver.  You can find the full webinar here and a streamlined version here.  

Even though Love Akon is a faith-based and pastor-founded organization, Executive Director Kemp Boyd strives to make their help and involvement inclusive of all who seek help or opportunities to serve.

“If you love Akron, there is a place here for you. We look to Christ as our example and faith leader—meeting people right where they’re at.”

What You Can Do

  1. Pray Love Akron is encouraging its community as well as Ohioan across the state to join them in “10 at 10.” It’s easy—you just take 10 minutes out of each day at 10 am to pray for those suffering from sickness, loneliness, and financial hardship during this difficult time of isolation.

There is also a short Prayer Call for Education every Monday 7-7:15 am.

  1. Give Donations provided by Love Akron supporters help fund the logistical and physical needs of struggling community members. With these funds, the Noun to Verb Movement Campaign can make purchases like groceries and delivery to elderly and impoverished community members.
  1. Serve Love Akron can always use more volunteers willing to:
    • Pick up and/or deliver groceries
    • Serve as a listening ear for those suffering from loneliness
    • Community leaders and prayer warriors willing to speak as a guest or pray on one of their outreach media platforms
    • Parents willing to help and/or transport their children so young people can take in serving their community!


Find out contact information and more on how to Pray, Give, Serve here.


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