A new live-caller poll shows that Ohioans support freedom, privacy, and safety

COLUMBUS – A new poll reveals that Ohioans strongly support religious freedom and oppose putting children on dangerous cross-sex hormones for the purpose of “gender transitioning.” The poll also found that Ohioans think it’s wrong to force girls to compete against boys in athletic competitions, and do not support making “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” protected classes.

The live-caller poll of 800 Ohio registered voters was conducted March 4 – March 7 by the Resolute Group and Data Orbital.

“More than ever before, special interest groups with deep pockets have been pressuring lawmakers to pass radical bills to undermine freedom, privacy and safety,” said Aaron Baer, President of Citizens for Community Values.

“Backers of bills like the Ohio (Un)Fairness Act (HB 369/SB 11) have pushed misleading polls and arguments to suggest Ohioans want this legislation. Yet as the Resolute Group poll shows, when you explain to voters what this legislation would actually mean for everyday Ohioans, they overwhelmingly reject it,” Baer said.

The poll investigated a number of key questions, and each time Ohioans landed on the side of religious freedom, privacy and safety.

“The results of this survey undercut the narrative that voters are ready to buy everything the Left is selling,” said George Khalaf, Co-Founder of the Resolute Group. “First, Ohio voters haven’t been convinced that new protected classes are necessary – almost half reject them and another 10% are fully undecided.”

“When it comes to so-called ‘non-discrimination’ ordinances, the results are clear – and bipartisan. Ohio voters reject them, wary of the threats to their First Amendment rights and even more wary of threats to safety and privacy. But we saw the highest opposition when it came to allowing cross-sex hormones for the purpose of changing the gender of children. Despite the media narrative, Ohio voters are thinking for themselves on these important issues,” Khalaf said.

The poll was commissioned in March, and was planned for release at that time. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the release of the poll was held until today. This poll was paid for by Alliance Defending Freedom.

“For years, ADF has represented individuals like Barronelle Stutzman, Jack Phillips, and Selina Soule who have personally experienced the harms that result from laws like the so-called Ohio Fairness Act,” said Matt Sharp, Senior Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom. “Activists have repeatedly used this approach to weaponize the law against people with whom they disagree.”

“But disagreement is not discrimination, it’s at the heart of true diversity. The freedom to disagree and debate our differences is what makes us Americans, and—as this poll tells us—is a value the majority of Ohioans embrace,” Sharp said.

Join Citizens for Community Values President Aaron Baer, Resolute Group Director George Khalaf, and Alliance Defending Freedom’s Senior Counsel Matt Sharp for a Webcast on the poll results, and what it means for the upcoming election, and Ohio families and businesses.


Friday, May 8
2:00 p.m.

The poll investigated a number of hot topics facing Ohio voters today, including whether a business owner should be forced to violate their religious beliefs to participate in a same-sex wedding.

The poll also asked voters about policy proposals before the Ohio General Assembly, including HB 513, sponsored by Rep. Ron Hood and Rep. Bill Dean, to prohibit hospitals from putting children on cross-sex hormones for the purpose of “gender transitioning.”

The poll also asked voters directly whether they support or oppose legislation like HB 369/SB11 which would create new protected classes for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” When voters were posed with this straightforward issue, less than a third of the state supported the idea.

Furthermore, when the impacts of HB 369 and SB 11 were broken down for voters, their opposition grew stronger.

A majority of voters also supported Rep. Jena Powell and Rep. Reggie Stotlzfus’s Save Women’s Sports Act, which would prohibit biological boys from competing in girls’ sports.

You can view the top lines of the poll here.

You can view the cross tabs of the poll here.

“Lawmakers should remember they work for the voters, not for special interest groups like Equality Ohio, Planned Parenthood, or the Chamber of Commerce,” said Baer. “This poll revealed what common sense dictates – we shouldn’t be putting the privacy, safety, and freedom of Ohioans at risk.”

For more information, contact Citizens for Community Values at [email protected], or 513.733.5775.

As Ohio’s Family Policy Council, Citizens for Community Values seeks the good of our neighbors throughout Ohio by advocating for public policy that reflects the truth of the Gospel. We endeavor to create an Ohio where God’s blessings of life, family, and religious freedom are treasured, respected, and protected.


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