Cultivate has compiled 602 resource bags and dropped them off on the front porches of almost every household in Milo-Grogan. Inside those resource bags, they included household essentials like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, activities for kids, playing cards, and nonperishable food. They also included some handouts from neighborhood partners and a letter from Cultivate explaining that they are here and ready to help.

As of the beginning of May, 22 households in Milo-Grogan had reached out for emergency assistance of some sort and thousands of dollars have gone into responding with care. What’s awesome is that they’ve been able to match neighbors with resources with neighbors in need. Over half of those households were not just cared for by Cultivate staff, but also by another Milo household. Through this, they have been reminded how important it is for neighbors to be loving neighbors right now.

They couldn’t be more thankful for their city-wide partners who have jumped in and supported the work, including the Milo-Grogan Civic Association, RTNI, Veritas Community Church, Middle West Spirits, The Lord Jesus Christ Church, and The Columbus Foundation.

As they move forward, they are planning to spend the next few months following up on emergency assistance requests and leaning into these outdoor initiatives:

Milo-Grogan Green Space: Neighbors are gathering at the Milo-Grogan Green Space almost daily to put work into this park and garden. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook to see more of this work and join them for future work days!

Litter Pick-Up Kits: They’ve distributed over 16 of these kits already. It’s been encouraging for them to see so many neighbors respond to this call to safely clean up our streets, during the Stay-At-Home order.

Neighborhood Newsletter: They’re continuing to compile and distribute newsletters to households in Milo-Grogan each month. They’re using this opportunity to spread the word about COVID resources and ways to love their neighborhood well during this crisis.

What You Can Do

  • PRAY that Milo neighbors would continue to love each other well and that trust would continue to grow.
  • SHARE Cultivate’s Facebook page, this newsletter, and social media posts with your friends and family.
  • GIVE to their COVID-19 Response Fund so that they can continue to respond to emergency needs. Click on the “Give” button to be directed to their website where online donations can be sent. You can also send financial donations to 345 E. 2nd Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43201.

NOTE: A version of this story originally appeared in the Milo-Grogran Neighborhood Newsletter. You can read it here.


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