A special interest group called “The Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding” announced today they are preparing to sue the state in an attempt to deny families access to the EdChoice Scholarship program.

The following statement is from Citizens for Community Values and the Ohio Christian Education Network President Aaron Baer:

“It’s an all-time low for government school activists to try to rip low-income and special needs students out of their schools right now. It’s clear that this special interest group cares less about what’s best for kids, and more about their own narrow social agenda.

“Ohio’s EdChoice program is a lifeline to tens of thousands of families. It allows underprivileged and underserved children the opportunity to find an education that best meets their needs. Instead of trying to tear children out of their schools, we should be figuring out how to create more educational options for families.

“This is an unprecedented and difficult season for students. This lawsuit adds insult to injury. Every Ohio leader should condemn this brazen attack on children and families.

“Furthermore, every Ohio family should call their local public school district and call on them to condemn this lawsuit, and not to join in this attack on families.”

For more information, contact Citizens for Community Values at [email protected], or 513.733.5775.

As Ohio’s Family Policy Council, Citizens for Community Values seeks the good of our neighbors throughout Ohio by advocating for public policy that reflects the truth of the Gospel. We endeavor to create an Ohio where God’s blessings of life, family, and religious freedom are treasured, respected, and protected.


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