Announcing a BRAND NEW Resource for Parents!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of great uncertainty and confusion for many, with parents of young children getting hit especially hard. 

Now, as we are several months in to the state’s response to COVID-19, confusion still reigns as re-opening plans vary from county to county, and even from district to district. With school just around the corner for most Ohio students, parents have been left wondering how they will be educating their children this fall.

Due to the overwhelming demand, Citizens for Community Values, in partnership with local experts, put together an online resource to educate and empower parents who are unable or unwilling to put their children in their local public schools. website screenshot

The main goal of this resource is to help parents move from uneasiness to confidence in the school options they can access for their children this fall.

Visit today for an overview of charter, home, and private schools. Within those three options, we further breakdown online, in-person, and hybrid options, as well as traditional and co-op homeschooling, religious versus nonreligious schools, and more!

Each of the three main sections has its own page with information on both your student’s experience and your experience as a parent, as well as the real costs and time commitments of each option. 

Additionally, each option includes a video interview with the expert who partnered with CCV to provide this educational resource.

Learn more about YOUR family’s 3 school options at!

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