Statement from Citizens for Community Values President Aaron Baer on the dismissal of their lawsuit to protect the rights of students to access a high quality education 

COLUMBUS – This morning, after eight months of delay, the Ohio Supreme Court dismissed Citizens for Community Values v DeWine, a legal challenge to legislation freezing EdChoice scholarship enrollment passed in January 2020. The following statement is from CCV President Aaron Baer:

“The Ohio Supreme Court should be ashamed of and embarrassed by their blatant disregard of the law and the well-being of children. The audacity of the Justices to sit eight months on an emergency motion, then blame the “passage of time” for rendering a case moot is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance.

“Under the leadership of former Speaker Larry Householder, the General Assembly rammed through and Governor DeWine signed an unconstitutional bill to strip tens of thousands of families access to EdChoice vouchers. Members of the General Assembly even acknowledged at the time as they were voting for the bill that it was unconstitutional.

“But because the State Supreme Court dragged their feet, and wouldn’t stand up for the law and the families left scrambling to figure out how to educate their children, former Speaker Householder’s unconstitutional maneuver has been bailed out.

“This is the height of ‘justice delayed is justice denied.'”

“Ohioans should remember who pulled this stunt on families:

  • Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor
  • Justice Sharon Kennedy
  • Justice Judith French
  • Justice Pat F. Fischer
  • Justice Pat DeWine
  • Justice Michael Donnelly
  • Justice Melody J. Stewart.

“As COVID has shown, it is essential for families to have educational options. Citizens for Community Values and the Ohio Christian Education Network will continue to fight for families and schools. Ohio children and families should know we hear their voices, even if the seven justices on the court are ignoring them.”

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