Lucas County Health Board Continues to Play Games with Children’s Futures

Statement from CCV President Aaron Baer

COLUMBUS—According to media reports, earlier this afternoon, the Lucas County Health Board claimed that they desired to allow students to resume sports, but could not due to the lawsuit three Christian schools and Citizens for Community Values brought against the Health Board for their unconstitutional order closing in-person education for students in grades 7–12.

The following statement is from CCV President, Aaron Baer.

“It’s time for the Lucas County Health Board to stop the lies and political spin, and let children get back to school and athletics.

“The Health Board is blatantly lying when they claim that our lawsuit is preventing them from rescinding or altering their order. Any law school student or rent-a-lawyer knows this: The Health Board has complete authority to let students back in the classroom or on the playing field at any time. If they let students safely resume their activities, the lawsuit goes away.

“Instead of admitting their order is baseless and harmful to students, they are pushing rumors and lies to parents.

“As our lawsuit details, before we filed, we reached out to the Board in every way we could to explain why this order was misguided, harmful, and wrong. But they ignored us. Now that they’ve stepped in this mess, they are hoping to shift the blame.

“Own your mistake, Health Board. Rescind the order, let kids go safely back to school, and this lawsuit disappears. The ball is in your court.”

For more information, contact CCV at 513-733-5775 or [email protected].

As Ohio’s Family Policy Council, Citizens for Community Values seeks the good of our neighbors throughout Ohio by advocating for public policy that reflects the truth of the Gospel. We endeavor to create an Ohio where God’s blessings of life, family, and religious freedom are treasured, respected, and protected.

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