Governor DeWine Signs CCV-Backed Bill to Protect Free Speech on Campus

Statement from CCV President Aaron Baer

COLUMBUS – Governor Mike DeWine has signed the CCV-Backed SB 40, the Forming Open and Robust University Minds Act. The following statement is from CCV President Aaron Baer:

“Ohio’s universities should be a place where students are free to express themselves in open and honest debate. Unfortunately, over the years, a number of Ohio’s public colleges and universities have stifled free speech, especially the speech of conservative and pro-life students.”

“That’s why I am so grateful that the General Assembly passed and Governor DeWine signed Senate Bill 40, CCV-backed legislation to protect the speech of all students on campus. Sponsored by Senators Andrew Brenner and Rob McColley, SB 40 sets clear standards for Ohio’s public colleges and universities on how to protect free speech and the promise of open and honest dialogue on campus.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for the bi-partisan support for this bill, along with Governor DeWine’s signature. Along with Senators Brenner and McColley, Representative Niraj Antani and Candice Keller played essential roles in ensuring these First Amendment protections have been placed in Ohio law.

“The FORUM Act is also law today because of the expertise and efforts of organizations that partnered with CCV to make this possible, including Alliance Defending Freedom, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, The American Legislative Exchange Council, and Americans for Prosperity.”

“And a special “Thank You” to Young Americans for Liberty, for organizing countless college students from across Ohio to make sure Ohio’s elected leaders know how important protecting free speech on campus is for the future of our great state.”

Read CCV’s Fact Sheet on the FORUM Act.

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