Difficult Dialogues are 2-hour educational sessions presented to your mid-week fellowship, ministry team, or group of pastors designed to help the Church respond to difficult cultural issues.

Session Topics:

  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI)
  • Myths and Truth about Separation of Church and State

Session Times:

  • Monday at 7:00 pm
  • Thursday at 7:00 pm
  • Saturday at 10:00 am

Example session:

Difficult Dialogues: A Biblical Conversation on Human Sexuality.

The disagreements between Christians and the LGBT community are often portrayed as based in hate and bigotry. 

But what does the Bible say about LGBT issues and sexuality?

Why do Bible-believing Christians not celebrate Pride Month?

How can Christians hold to Biblical truth, and still show deep love for their LGBT neighbor, family member, coworker or friend?

Church Relations Direction Ruth McNeil or Church Ambassador David Mahan can help you think through these issues, and answer questions believers and non-believers in Jesus Christ have about this sensitive topic.

If you’d like to request a Difficult Dialogues session for your group, please sign up below at least a month in advance.

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