Our Mission
CEA is a network of Christian business owners committed to pursuing community service, company culture, and public policy that glorifies God.

Our Vision
An Ohio with flourishing workplaces, families, and communities for God’s glory.

Our Strategy

  • Connect Christian employers together locally and nationally to build a strategic “network of trust.”
  • Encourage well-rounded engagement of company, community, and culture.
  • Encourage local participation with strategic faith and work partners.
  • Encourage local participation and influence in the local Chamber of Commerce as salt and light.
  • Collect and promote stories on the wonderful work Christian employers are doing in the community.
  • Increase awareness, involvement, and strategic impact of Christian employers.

Our Focus


Joining CEA

Ohio CEA Regions

  • Connect through one statewide event and one regional event each year.
  • Engage in monthly update calls outlining both the victories and the challenges businesses across Ohio are facing.
  • Receive monthly email alliance alerts.
  • Have the opportunity to join CEA National.



Please fill out the below form to join the Ohio Christian Employers Network.


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