How HB 160 Bullies Ohioans

HB 160 is backed by the powerful Ohio Chamber of Commerce and a newly formed organization called Ohio Business Competes, which was created by funders outside of Ohio.

This bill threatens businesses, ministries, schools, families, churches, women, and children. Here are just some of the ways HB 160 bullies Ohioans.

HB 160 would require every businesses, school, and public accommodation to allow biological men into women’s restrooms. This threatens the privacy and safety rights of women and children.

There are countless documented cases of men preying on women in bathrooms and other intimate facilities. See the 9 pages of stories recorded by the Heritage Foundation at the end of this document.

Blaine Adamson is a business owner who runs a print shop in Kentucky. The local LGBT pride parade asked Blaine to print T-shirts celebrating same-sex marriage. As a Christian, Blaine has sincerely held beliefs about marriage, so he declined the business, and referred them to another print shop. However this wasn’t satisfactory to the LGBT pride parade and they brought a claim against Blaine which went to court. Thankfully, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled in Blaine’s favor, but not without a heavy toll on Blaine and his business.

HB 160 explicitly says that Ohio Domestic Violence Shelters will lose state funding if they do not allow biological men into their facilities. While America is awakening to the realities of sexual assault thanks to the #MeToo movement, HB 160 opens vulnerable and abused women up to more trauma.

Ohio is facing a massive opioid crisis. Faith-based ministries throughout Ohio are doing amazing work to fight this epidemic. Many of these facilities have programs for just for men or just for women. HB 160 would force these centers to either change their practices and religious teachings, or be fined or even shut down.

HB 160 would require churches to hire staff that do not agree with the churches beliefs about marriage and sexuality. The bill would also require churches to host events that violate the churches teachings.

HB 160 would force all public schools to allow boys in girls bathrooms, and vice versa, violating the children’s privacy rights. It also would mandate that schools allow boys to play in girls athletics.

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