Marriage & Family

A state is only as strong as its families. 

So much brokenness in our nation today can be traced back to broken families. For example, children who miss out on the opportunity to be raised by a married mother and father are at a higher risk to not graduate high school, live in poverty, or end up in trouble with the law. While there are countless stories of single parents beating the odds and providing loving, stable homes for children, public policy should seek to encourage enduring marriages between a husband and a wife

Unfortunately, families face a number of challenges in today’s culture. That’s why Citizens for Community Values works on a number issues including:

  • The harms of pornography.
  • Marriage as the lifelong union of one man and one woman.
  • Affirming the biological uniqueness and beauty of men and woman.
  • Parental rights.
  • School choice.
  • The harms of drug use and the opioid epidemic.


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