Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is more than the freedom to worship, it’s about being free to live out your faith.

The First Amendment ensures that people of all faiths are free to exercise their beliefs in their day-to-day lives. For Christians, this freedom is essential because our faith compels us to act – to seek the good of our neighbors and follow God’s word daily.

Yet throughout the country, laws are in place to restrict religious freedom, and to punish people of faith because of their beliefs. For this reason, protecting religious freedom is our top priority at CCV. This means we advocate for policies that:

  • Ensure government doesn’t punish people of faith for their beliefs in ministry and the marketplace.
  • Protecting the conscience rights of professionals.
  • Guaranteeing the government doesn’t stifle free speech rights.

Citizens for Community Values advocates every day to ensure the doors of the church stay open, and the free exercise of religion is protected.

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