Rethinking the Links to Rehabilitation

When COVID-19 began shifting the landscape of daily life, Executive Director, Barbara Campbell, immediately reached out to the very populations was designed to help. “The first thing we did in response to the coronavirus was finding out how addiction facilities were responding. Some residential facilities were not...

Cultivating Relationships and Resources

Cultivate has compiled 602 resource bags and dropped them off on the front porches of almost every household in Milo-Grogan. Inside those resource bags, they included household essentials like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, activities for kids, playing cards, and nonperishable food. They also included some handouts from...

Three Generations of Caring Operations

“This is a third-generation pregnancy center—that means we could have clients whose mothers and grandmothers have relied on our care.” When COVID-19 came to Ohio, The Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo came together to develop their response and adapt to changing conditions. Under the leadership of Executive Director Savannah...

Questions and Answers

Resources and answers from State Agencies to the questions from churches, ministries, pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and others.

Finding Light Blog

Devotionals, reflections, and faith challenges from Christian leaders across the state.

On Mission Stories

Read these INCREDIBLE stories of the faith community’s mission work, loving of neighbors, and creative solutions during the coronavirus crisis.


Learn more about The Joseph Council’s mission, members, purpose and strategy.

Gathered Worship

Guidelines for churches and other religious entities planning to resume public worship services over the next several weeks and months.

Call to Prayer

Social distancing is hard, but it doesn’t mean communal prayer needs to end. Check here for upcoming Faith Friday Calls, and other prayer initiatives.

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