COVID-19 may be keeping most of Ohio indoors, but that didn’t stop Faith Life Church from thinking outside the box.  “In just 24-hours, we activated our team…We’re willing to put in the overtime to make sure people get what they need.” The result? Operation #KeepThePositivity was born out of their desire to combat the...

Hope Springs Eternal in Cincinnati

The Finneytown School District’s monthly food stipend for families was at risk of going to waste because of COVID-19 precautions. Pastor Tim Dunn, lead minister at Lifespring Christian Church, encouraged his church to step up. Now they regularly help coordinate the food distribution. It is quite the production. Even with a...

Helping Hands, Healing Hunger

“My husband kept getting laid off, and we had three little ones… I came there, and I remember a lady filled the back of my station wagon with food.” This is how Sue Shrewsbery describes her very first encounter with a Toledo soup kitchen founded in 1982.Today, Sue serves as Director of that organization—now known as Helping...

Love Akron in Action

As he watched the COVID-19 outbreak leave a trail of cancelled fundraisers and dwindling funds, Kemp Boyd became consumed with financial concerns for his organization and its employees… As the new Executive Director of Love Akron, he was unsure how the organization could survive as community members and potential donors were...

No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed

Coronavirus is infectious. So is kindness. Senator Roegner and her family caught the "bug" out delivering groceries in Hudson for Christ Community Chapel. Inside each bag was a little message sharing God’s love. “Just seeing their eyes light up with joy, we thought, 'This is so cool.’” The Roegners were hooked. They decided to...

Team Work Makes the Dream Center Work

There’s no “I” in “team.” There isn’t one in “dream,” either. And making the Columbus Dream Center a reality has definitely been a team effort. It all began with a meeting of the minds between the Campbells and the Fishers. Chad and Katie Fisher lead Rock City Church in Columbus. Steve and Wanda Campbell had been operating...

Questions and Answers

Resources and answers from State Agencies to the questions from churches, ministries, pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and others.

Finding Light Blog

Devotionals, reflections, and faith challenges from Christian leaders across the state.

On Mission Stories

Read these INCREDIBLE stories of the faith community’s mission work, loving of neighbors, and creative solutions during the coronavirus crisis.


Learn more about The Joseph Council’s mission, members, purpose and strategy.

Gathered Worship

Guidelines for churches and other religious entities planning to resume public worship services over the next several weeks and months.

Call to Prayer

Social distancing is hard, but it doesn’t mean communal prayer needs to end. Check here for upcoming Faith Friday Calls, and other prayer initiatives.

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