The Ohio Christian Education Network

The Ohio Christian Education Network protects the religious liberty of Christian schools, and ensures every Ohio family has access to a Gospel-centered education.

About OCEN

Citizens for Community Values’ Ohio Christian Education Network (OCEN), is a coalition of schools and community members who stand for freedom in education and want to support initiatives that prevent the government from intruding on the right of Christian schools to teach Gospel-centered principles.

With a daily presence in the Ohio Statehouse, CCV’s Christian Education Network is your partner in combatting additional regulation that make it tougher to provide a Christian education and maintain Christian schools.

OCEN also endeavors to see Ohio offer “true-choice” to families. This means any initiatives to promote school choice programs come with as few strings attached as possible, ensuring private Christian schools do not have to compromise their operating principles in order to have students enrolled on state-sponsored scholarships or tax credit programs.

Core Principles

Religious Freedom
Christian schools should have the freedom under law to operate according to their Biblical beliefs.
Parents' Rights
Parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.
Education Funding
Ohio should have a “money follows the child” education funding system.
School choice programs should come with “no strings attached.”

OCEN'S Commitments to Members

  • Advancing the Core Principles at the Ohio Statehouse
  • Serve as a liaison for questions regarding legislation or issues with the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Ohio-specific legislative updates reflecting the most pressing issues affecting Christian schools.
  • Annual Statehouse Advocacy Day.
  • Annual Report of Christian Education in Ohio.
  • Concierge-level service at the Ohio Statehouse including scheduling meetings with your legislators and Statehouse tours.
  • Onsite and/or regional legislative advocacy training.

Join Today!

Join a movement committed to ensuring every Ohio student has access to a biblically-based education, and that Christian schools are free to glorify God in everything.

For questions, email us at [email protected].

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