Choosing Schooling

Your family's options for school this fall in light of COVID-19

Charter School

Charter schools are state-funded public schools that admit all students without regard to their assigned public school district. They offer less curricular and scheduling flexibility than private schools, more structure than homeschooling, and more specialized focus-area options than many assigned district public schools.

Home School

Homeschooling is a choice the parent or guardian chooses to educate the student outside of a school setting. This option gives parents the greatest level of freedom and flexibility to determine the means and the method(s) of how a student will be educated compared to private, charter, or local public school options.

Private School

Private schools are only second in number to Ohio’s public schools throughout the state. About 10% of school-aged students in Ohio attend one of that state’s nearly 800 private
schools. Private schools can be religious or non-religious, with the majority of private schools being affiliated with a religion.

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