I wish I hadn’t seen this

by | Oct 10, 2019

Sometimes you see a video, and it shakes you to your core. 

Yesterday, CCV President Aaron Baer spoke at the Heritage Foundation on parental rights and healthcare.

At the event, they shared a video that he will never forget.

It was about a young mother in Georgia, whose 5-year old daughter was sexually assaulted in her public school by a boy in the bathroom. The boy was in the bathroom because he said he “identified” as a girl, and the school had a transgender bathroom policy. 

The video is difficult to watch. But he wanted to ask you to view it because the policy that allowed for this 5-year-old to be assaulted is now being debated at the Ohio Statehouse. 

Listen to this mother’s pain.

Some of the most powerful special interests in Ohio are pushing this bill – not just the normal radical groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, but major corporations and Chambers of Commerce. 

And now we’ve learned that the bill is going to get introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives – and with a sponsor who calls himself a “Constitutional Conservative.” 

Rep. Brett Hillyer (R-Uhrichsville) is a joint sponsor on the bill. 

We need your help to stop this bill and protect our children! 

Two action steps for you: 

(1) Contact Rep. Brett Hillyer at [email protected] or 614.466.8035 and tell him to no longer sponsor the harmful “Ohio Fairness Act.” Tell him he must oppose this bill and protect the privacy and safety of children.

(2) Consider making a donation to CCV today! We depend on the support of Ohio families to do this work. Stand with us today by making a $25 donation (or more!).

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