We want to hear your story…

Stories are powerful. A single story has the capacity to capture the attention of the entire world, but that’s only possible if it gets told. Your story matters.

Whether you are a medical professional, a parent, or a student, your story could change the world not only for yourself but also for others like you, and we want to hear it!

Ohio Medical Professionals & Students

Have you experienced discrimination or pressure in the workplace because of ethical disagreements or religious views?

Have you been personally attacked for asserting the scientific and biological existence of only two sexes?

Have you felt torn between political correctness, how best to serve your patients, and how to stay true to your principles?

Have your rights to free speech and diverse thought been threatened or obliterated because of a hostile work environment?

You are not alone. And we want to hear your story.

Ohio Parents

Are you a parent of a child who struggles with his or her gender identity or sexual orientation?

Have you found it difficult, if not impossible, to find help or counseling?

Have you taken your child to a hospital for help with gender dysphoria and had dangerous hormone therapy suggested as a treatment?

Have you experienced medical standards of care that threaten your parental rights?

Has your child’s school forced unscientific pro-abortion or sexual orientation/gender identity-related curriculum on your child, against your wishes?

You are not alone. And we want to hear your story.

Ohio Students

Are you a female middle or high school athlete that:

Has been forced to compete against biological boys who “identify” as girls?

Felt bullied and silenced for wanting to compete on a level playing field?

Felt fearful of being forced to compete against boys with unfair advantages of physical strength in contact sports?

Is concerned for the future of girls’ and women’s sports as men and boys continue to take up spots on the podium?

You are not alone. And we want to hear your story.

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