Stop the Abortion Industry from Endangering Lives!

Make Your Voice Heard at the Federal Court

This opportunity goes out to all healthcare professionals – including physicians, dentists and nurses – who are fighting the coronavirus crisis by preserving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), refraining from performing elective procedures, and risking your lives by continuing to come in contact with the public to meet their medical needs.

On March 17, Governor DeWine issued an order prohibiting all “non-essential surgeries.” The vast majority of the medical community complied with this order, except for one: the abortion industry.

Despite an order from the Ohio Department of Health to stop performing surgical abortions and a Cease and Desist letter from Attorney General Dave Yost, the abortion industry continues to end the lives of unborn children via surgical abortion, using valuable and scarce PPE and other medical supplies.

The abortion industry recently amended their lawsuit against Ohio’s Heartbeat bill in the Preterm v. Yost case to include a challenge to the state’s order prohibiting non-essential procedures, which include surgical abortions. A judge in the Southern District of Ohio issued a preliminary ruling in favor of the abortion industry through a “Temporary Restraining Order,” prohibiting the state from ending surgical abortions.

What’s at Stake:

Whether the abortion industry is given special treatment to continue to destroy lives via surgical abortion while wasting life-saving medical equipment.

Where You Come In:

You don’t need to be pro-life to think it’s wrong for so many Americans to suffer from having to put off critical surgeries, while the abortion industry is allowed to continue on with business as usual.

It’s important for the Court to have a full perspective of the sacrifices the medical community is making at this time to respond to the coronavirus crisis. To this end, Citizens for Community Values Legal Counsel Rachel Citak is drafting an amicus brief, also known as a friend-of-the-court brief, on behalf of medical professionals to explain why it’s crucial to preserve PPE and other medical equipment, the other medical procedures not happening today because of coronavirus, and the sacrifices being made by people like you. The brief will urge the court to end surgical abortions immediately.

Stand for life and basic common sense! Join our brief today. The deadline to join is Saturday, April 4 at 11:59 pm.

Please read the “fine print.”  It’s important!

  • Even though you’re signing today, once the legal brief is complete, you’ll be sent a draft of the brief via email on Sunday, April 5. You will have until 11:59 pm on Sunday to review the brief, and let us know if you no longer want to join. If we do not hear from you, we will include you on the brief. 
  • There is no cost to you, and you will not be responsible for any fees or costs associated with the brief. There is also no monetary benefit to you, regardless of the outcome of the case.
  • The only information that will be shared with the Court is your name and your state of residence. All other contact information, including your e-mail, is provided in case the legal teams need to contact you about the legal brief.

If you have questions, please e-mail [email protected]

Sign today!



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